Malaysia’s Kris Sakti Aviation will perform power grid development with newly-ordered Eurocopter AS350 B3e, EC135 T3 and EC225 helicopters

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Malaysia’s Kris Sakti Aviation will perform power grid development with newly-ordered Eurocopter AS350 B3e, EC135 T3 and EC225 helicopters

The development, monitoring and maintenance of Malaysia’s electrical power infrastructure will be performed by Eurocopter’s AS350 B3e, EC135 T3 and EC225 helicopters, which are being ordered by Kris Sakti Aviation.

A subsidiary of Kris Sakti Holding, Kris Sakti Aviation will embark on a new venture to provide aerial power line solutions in Malaysia, as they signed a contract to acquire three Eurocopter aircraft today at the Paris Air Show.

“By ordering one each of these three helicopter types, Kris Sakti Aviation will benefit from the excellent performance capabilities of these single- and twin-engine rotorcraft – with the possibility of tailoring their use to specific mission requirement in providing the full spectrum of aerial power line solutions,” said Pierre Rossignol, President and CEO of the Eurocopter Malaysia affiliate.

The AS350 B3e is targeted for delivery in 2014, while the EC135 and EC225 will be provided by Eurocopter to the operator in 2015.

“Our venture into aerial power line solutions will mark a significant milestone in the history of Malaysian aviation,” stated Kris Sakti Holding Chairman, Dato Sri Mahmud Abu Bekir Taib. “The use of helicopters for power line operations will vastly increase the efficiency of distributing electricity into even rural areas, taking Malaysia one step closer to fulfilling its aspiration of becoming a fully developed nation.”

Eurocopter’s subsidiary in Malaysia will help to ensure support and services are close at hand to assist Kris Sakti through the acquisition process, as well as for the commencement of its power line operations and in continuous fleet support.

The single-engine AS350 B3e is the high-performance member of Eurocopter’s Ecureuil family, with exceptional lifting capability, high endurance, extended range and fast cruise speed – along with enhanced performance in hot conditions and at very high altitudes.

Eurocopter’s EC225 is an 11-ton twin-engine rotorcraft that integrates the latest technological innovations for more power, increased payload and longer range.

For its EC135, Kris Sakti Aviation has selected the latest improved-performance, updated version that incorporates new engines, main rotor blades with a 10-cm. increased length, along with new and optimized software in the FADEC (Full Authority Digital Engine Controls).

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