US DOT Certified Cylinder Hydrostatic Test Facilities 

**DOT Requirements

Pursuant to regulations specified in the United States by the U.S. Department of Transportation (D.O.T.), certain cylinders used for transporting hazardous materials are required to be retested, inspected and certified safe for use every 5 years. Certain other cylinders require retests and inspections according to modified schedules if certain conditions are met. For example, cylinders used exclusively for certain listed refrigerants and which are “commercially free from corroding components” and which have a corrosion-resistant external coating may only need hydrostatic retesting every 12 years (49 CFR 173.34(e)(ii)). Other listed cylinders used exclusively for the transport of “fluorinated hydrocarbons and mixtures thereof which are commercially free from corroding components” may be given a complete external visual inspection every 5 years

Other Facilities