Kris Sakti Aviation Sdn Bhd (KSA)



We provide services on the planning, design and construction of heliports and developed in compliances with standards specified in the relevant Standards Directives.


We provide services on the compliance assessment which includes the drafting and assessment of design drawings and monitoring during the development and eventual inspection upon completion of construction.


We provide services on the operations of a heliport which includes the drafting, formatting and production of the heliport manual. The heliport manual is a fundamental requirement by the Authority for the registration of heliports. The heliport manual shall contain all pertinent information concerning the information presented in the heliport manual shall demonstrate that the heliport conforms to specifications of Airport Standards Directives

What We Can Do For You?

1. Site Surveys

We ASSIST you. Our technical representative checks the topography, conditions on the ground, proximity of obstacles, operational and technical features, to provide an initial assessment of the location.

2. Feasibility Studies

We help you to do a feasibility study in initializing a project. The site survey is followed by a preliminary report – which details the findings of the visit and outlines the design requirements and recommendations for completion of project. At a later stage and on the basis of analysis made, a technical report – is prepared which covers every aspect of the project :- Heliport Design, Landing Platform Characteristics, Obstacle Clearance and Limitations, Approach and Take off path, Load Calculations, Civil Work and Engineering, Equipment, etc…. We carry out the work and all costs involved in producing drawings and preliminary report will be paid by the buyer.

3. Obstacle Survey

This is an important phase in implementing a project since it is required by DCA for site approval. We survey the distance and heights of all obstacles likely to interfere with the heliport/airport (5km radius for VFR and 15km radius for IFR). It includes survey of approach and takes off path – supply of survey technical report – supply of survey aeronautical charts – supply of approach and take off aeronautical charts with approach and climb surface funnels and cross sections.


Heliport designs are DCA and ICAO compliant. For each performance class helicopter the size of FATO, TLOF, and Safety Area are calculated. Similarly obstacle removal and limitations around the heliport are defined. Approach and take off path follow slope and divergence guidelines given for VMC or IMC conditions. On completion of our technical report a complete set of drawings is supplied to our clients

5. Project Management

We are pragmatic consultants who bring a practical implementation perspective to all of our work. Our combination of business and corporate experiences and with deep understanding of the market set us apart from the rest. We have the experience in both turnkey and project supervision. We can take a project from scratch and bring it to completion including on site civil work, equipment installation and final inspection. If you have the capability to undertake some of the work we can also adapt our services to the areas required by you, and help you supervise your project in order to meet the deadline


•Heliport/Helideck offshore Lighting

•Landing Dolly

•Fuel / Water Separator

•Fire Fighting

•Safety Netting

•Wind Cone

•Safety Equipment

7. Government Approvals

Government clearance plays a crucial role in operating a heliport./helideck Certification and Registration are required from DCA ,Malaysia and we act on your behalf to obtain all clearances from site approval to license application.

8. Operations Manual

Every heliport requires an Operational Manual for licensing. It describes heliport physical characteristics, identification, facilities, and recommended practices. Special operating procedures specify recommended approach and take off path according to wind data and terrain in the vicinity of the heliport.

9. Engineering

We also provide the civil work and engineering of your landing platform i.e. design, construction, assembly, equipment installation If you have the capability to undertake some of the work we supply the required manufacture design and thus reduce the costs.