Kris Sakti Niaga Sdn Bhd


Kris Sakti Niaga focus on implementation and delivery. We believe that our clients benefit from this focused approach; we are able to deliver the best services on the market, harnessing our vast experience to ensure that we remain at the forefront of best practice. Our team comprises experienced management, DOT certified personnel and product specialist with both industry and functional expertise. Kris Sakti Niaga Cylinder Requalification Facility is US DOT approved.

Our services are Fast, Thorough and Reliable. We make sure that we deliver what we promise and we ensure that the agreed results are delivered on time and within budget. The sooner the results are achieved, the better it is!

 The coverage products and services offered by Kris Sakti Niaga are:-

  • Cylinders hydrostatic testing and servicing according to US DOT
  • Aviation cylinders
  • Breathing apparatus cylinders
  • Diving cylinders
  • Complete range of breathing apparatus testing, servicing and parts supply
  • Fire fighting, survival and marine equipment testing & servicing

Cylinder Hydrostatic Testing and Refurbishment Services

  • Complete hydrostatic test with expansion tank testing according to DOT** Regulations       with our state-of-the-art equipment
  • Internal and external visual inspection
  • Internal cleaning & drying
  • Valve replacement and complete servicing
  • Complete paint removal and repainting
  • Stamping and documentation


Complete Range of Breathing Apparatus Testing and Servicing

BA Testing Procedure and Specification using Computerized Test Equipment:

Leak, Alarm Test Parameter which includes the following:

  • High pressure leak test
  • Facepiece leak test
  • Alarm/warning whistle activation pressure
  • Exhalation valve opening pressure

Activation/Static Test which includes the following:

  • First breath activation pressure
  • Static facepiece pressure
  • Static medium pressure
  • Medium pressure change
  • Safety valve opening pressure
  • By-pass flow

Breathing Test Parameter which includes the following:

  • Breathing resistance facepiece pressure at 25 x 2L/min breathing rate and 40 x 2.5L/min breathing rate
  • Dynamic medium pressure at 25 x 2L/min breathing rate and 40 x 2.5L/min breathing rate

Pressure Gauge Test which includes the following:

  • Pressure gauge test
  • Pressure gauge test point