Fuel oil treatment chemicals

Fuel Treatment protects all boilers against today’s wide-range of bunker fuel quality issues. Our ongoing research efforts have developed advanced technological solutions to the most challenging fuel issues facing boiler owners today – high CCAI – vanadium and carbon deposits – sludge fouling – excessive soot and smoke, and low and high temperature sulfur corrosion.

A vast improvement over traditional fuel treatment approaches, this complex series of components literally prevents carbon mass from forming during fuel heating and under the heat and pressure of combustion.

The result: Exhaust valves, piston crowns and turbocharger blades that remain free of hard carbon deposits – even with the highest carbon content fuel oils. Unburned hydrocarbon contamination of lube oil is dramatically reduced. Acidic formation is greatly minimized. And hence, component life spans are greatly extended.

Product Description
Fuel Oil Conditioner
Fuelgard 1000
To prevent sludge & deposit buildup and improve combustion efficiency
Soot Removal
Fuelgard 2217
To educe soot and slang deposits in furnace & boiler stacks as well as in the exhaust stack of diesel